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Who are we ?


An edtech company specialising in adaptive learning content for K-12 Classes, Competitive Exams and Behavioural Management Topics. We focus on interactive learning techniques by using relatable examples and stories.

About us

– We focus on the basics – we help students build a strong foundation, for the construction of an empire of knowledge.
– We are the all new and modified Adaptive Learning Platform oriented towards moulding careers and passion.
– We want to help each child discover their hidden talents and encourage them to succeed in fields of their interest.
– Our long-term objective is to also provide the right technologically evolved resources and skills set for the future Indian student population.

Our mantra


“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”-Ken Robinson. To provoke curiosity, we question learners with the whys and hows. This will in turn enable critical thinking. We create a connection /relation between school curriculum and out of box thinking methods via Adal videos.

”Why is the sky blue?”

“Why are rain clouds dark?”

“Does the moon shine?”


“Problem solving – Enhance Skills – Application” will be the mantra we follow. To understand the science of things, one needs to first experiment. Scientists and Content creators are thus born in the Adal Lab.


With the Adal support system, motivation and nudge in the right direction, students can create their own career path along with their role models to share tips and tricks.

Learning for the future

The future consists of limitless possibilities. The traditional education system does not support techniques for the future. So the need of the hour is to explore, experiment and experience. Only then can we match the potential standards of the future.

The steps we will guide each student

  • Analysis and identification of strong/weak areas
  • Create a foundation and strengthen weak areas
  • Promote interests and strong areas
  • Create career goals based on interests and strengths
  • Guidance to achieve Goals


Kids these days are already trying to prepare for jobs they would work in after 15 years. The effort taken goes in vain because of concept memorisation. We need to train students with the necessary skills for a technologically advanced future. When they explore, experience and execute, seeds of ambition are planted. So we help nurture the seeds with the right skills set, at the right time.




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